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Economic development, population growth and the depletion of natural resources is putting a strain on the global energy sector. With the consumption of energy expected to only grow in the coming decades, conservation of energy and smart use of alternate energy resources is the only sustainable way forward.

As various countries strive to achieve Net Zero or carbon neutrality in energy consumption, there is a need to manage alternate energy sources like solar farms, wind turbines, fuel cells, electric vehicles, etc. and have them join or leave the energy grid on demand.

Sensital, with it’s iBOTics IoT Platform, is uniquely positioned to manage the entire energy ecosystem -

  • Distributed Energy Resources - microgrids, solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, etc.
  • Grid Availability - real-time monitoring and proactive management of the health of the energy grid and its assets.
  • Energy Consumption - intelligent regulation of power supply and consumption in buildings, personal and commercial facilities.

IoT in Energy & Utilities - Application Areas

Power Infographic

Power Generation & Distribution

  • Predict power load and usage behavior by deploying AI models and feeding real-time power utilization data to your models.
  • Manage your power spikes and maintain power supply reliability by tracking, monitoring and maintaining various distributed energy resources in your energy ecosystem.
  • Improve customer experience and minimize power losses by proactively tracking power outages or issues with transmission lines in real-time, isolating faults, rerouting power supply and initiating repair requests with pin-point fault location information.
  • Limit revenue loss by reading smart meter data and correlating it with consumption behavior models for each individual smart meter to quickly detect any meter tampering.
Oil and Gas Infographic

Oil & Gas

  • Automate the control and management of your exploration and extraction processes by remotely reading values from sensors attached to wellheads, pumpjacks and other assets, setting optimal threshold values and initiating changes to controllers, actuators, valves, etc. automatically based on mathematical and self-learning models.
  • Remotely monitor and enforce quality standards on your commodity production by enabling automated control of your refining process.
  • Improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your refinery and pipeline operations by tracking the location of all assets in real-time, detecting leaks, initiating proactive maintenance and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Automatically initiate maintenance tickets, supply-chain replenishment requests and other alerts or notifications by easily integrating with your SCADA and other ERP systems.
Energy Industry Energy Industry

KPI driven business operations optimization

Track your key business operations metrics in real time and initiate actions based on intelligent, triangulated information injected into your business processes.

Unplanned Outages

Unplanned Outages

Response Time

Response Time

Revenue Loss

Revenue Loss

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Worker Productivity

Worker Productivity

Operational Costs

Operational Costs

Our Offerings

Maximize your ROI by reducing your overall OPEX with Sensital's iBOTics platform.

Energy Management Solution

Energy Management

Optimize your energy consumption, increase your ROI and save your OPEX substantially with our smart and secure energy management solution.

Outage & Incident Management Solution

Outage & Incident Management

With our tailored made IoT centric Outage detection & incident management solution, utility companies can reduce outage and enhancing their customer safety

Conditon Monitoring Solution

Condition Monitoring

Enhance efficiency and reliability of your assets & devices by monitoring temperature, current, pressure, vibration, flow levels etc. with our IoT-enabled condition monitoring solution.


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