Intelligent IoT Enabled Energy Management Solutions

A complete end-to-end smart energy management solution for commercial & industrial sectors.

Energy is one of the crucial resources for any business & the need of the hour is a smart, intelligent Energy Management System that can help businesses to reduce expenditure on energy by not cutting down the usage but preventing wastage. Sensital with it's revolutionary IoT platform - iBOTics, empowers its clients all over the globe to provide better control over energy usage which ultimately helps them save their operational costs substantially. Harnessing iBOTics Comprehensive capabilities to monitor over huge numbers of assets remotely, our solution is capable of acquiring the readings correctly from large scale power & distribution lines which not only helps to save energy but also it helps utility companies for demand forecasting.

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Minimize the overall OPEX and maximize your ROI with iBOTics

Measure, Monitor, & Manage your energy consumption with Sensital's IoT Energy Management Solution.

Value proposition

  • Realtime insight
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Highly Secure
  • Quicker ROI
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Take business to the next level with Sensital’s iBOTics - a revolutionary IoT Platform well crafted for seamless business operations across verticals

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