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With the advent of IoT, the latest trends are facilitating digital transformation across a wide range of industries. The logistics and transportation sectors are undoubtedly one among the biggest beneficiaries of the whole IoT revolution. With iBOTics platform, unlock the potential of IoT and be at the forefront of this agile transformation. Track assets in real-time, securely transmits data, achieve fine-grain accuracy with hyper-speed connectivity and reduce the delay-related costs with improved speed and accuracy.

Sensital's IoT centric ecosystem built on its iBOTics platform takes control of every aspect of TraveTransportation & Logistics including supply chain, asset tracking, warehouse management and many more benefits in the queue to automate the complete Transportation & Logisticss operations.

IoT in Transportation & Logistics - Application Areas

Intelligent Transportation & Logistics with Sensital's iBOTics Platform

Supply chain infographic

Supply chain management

  • Manage your supply chain velocity in real time by tracking asset movement and contingency planning
  • Enrich and extract more out of your back-end ERP, CRM, Analytics or Supply-chain software by integrating transportation and logistics operations data with these systems in real time.
  • Optimal condition controls for better quality management & efficient storage - distribution.
Real-time asset tracking

Real-time asset tracking

  • Gain operational insights and extract efficiencies with real-time information and predictive analysis of the entire asset life cycle.
  •  Track & monitor your assets and cargo to minimize costly errors or disruptive bottlenecks and to ensure that assets are put in their intended sector.
  • Bring a dynamic edge to assets control and maintenance with cross-domain analytics & visibility.
Warehouse infographic

Warehouse & Fleet Management

  • Enable efficient and transparent inbound /outbound operations as well as production workflows.
  • Detect patterns within and between sensor data streams to optimize vehicle performance, inbound/outbound transportation, distribution, and production.
  • Remotely monitor and analyse the critical engine parameters along with other vehicle and warehouse derived data and address breakdowns before they happen.
Logistic Background

KPI driven business operations optimization

Track your key business operations metrics in real time and initiate actions based on intelligent, triangulated information injected into your business processes.




Vehicle Condition






Warehouse & Yard


Supply Chain

Our Offerings

Maximize your ROI by reducing your overall OPEX with Sensital's iBOTics platform

Outage & Incident Management

Outage & Incident Management

With our tailored made IoT centric Outage detection & incident management solution, utility companies can reduce outage and enhancing their customer safety

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Enhance efficiency and reliability of your assets & devices by monitoring temperature, current, pressure, vibration, flow levels etc. with our IoT-enabled condition monitoring solution

Energy Management

Energy Management

Optimize your energy consumption, increase your ROI and save your OPEX substantially with our smart and secure energy management solution

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